Texas Trivia

No doubt, if you’ve traveled through the Lone Star State, you’ve become aware of the vastness of the landscape and the richness of the history. From the Alamo in the south to the oilfields in the west to the cajun country in the east to the Red River in the north, Texas is full of wonder! Every step of every road in Texas has a lesson in history to learn. And what better way to learn more about Texas than through a fun set of factoids and Texas Trivia!

20 facts about Texas that you might not know

  1. Texas is NOT the biggest state in America. Alaska is the largest state, by far.
  2. (Texas is, however, larger than any country in Western Europe.
  3. The state motto for Texas is “Friendship,” which may be a bit of a surprise for people who think Texas is just full of gun-totin’ renegades.
  4. Speaking of gun-totin’ renegades, apparently in Norwegian slang, Texas = Crazy.
  5. If you thought Nashville was the live music capital of the world, think again. Austin is considered the live music capital of the world.
  6. Six Flags is named after the fact that Texas has had six flags flying over its land: The United States, the Republic of Texas, France, Mexico, Spain, and the Confederate States.
  7. According to fast food historians, Texas is the official birthplace of the hamburger.
  8. Sorry Oklahoma, but Texas is the biggest hotspot for Tornado action in the world.
  9. And move over Alaska, Texas is America’s biggest producer of crude oil.
  10. Even though Texas is massive, only two U.S. presidents were born in Texas, and no their names didn’t end with Bush. The two were: Lyndon Johnson and Dwight Eisenhower.
  11. Texas is home to one America’s earliest UFO crash mysteries. Apparently, in 1897 a UFO crashed in a Texas farmers field. The body of the alien supposedly was buried in a graveyard by local townsfolk.


So there you have it folks. You’re ten tidbits smarter about Texas than you were prior to reading this post. Now, keep up the good work and keep up the adventure as you learn more about America’s Lone Star State, the great state of Texas!