Surviving a Texas Winter
Surviving a Texas Winter

Winters in Texas are nothing like winters in Alaska, but they can still be long, dark, harsh, and cold—quite so depending on where you live.

Winters up in the Texas Panhandle can be brutal for both man and beast. For many, the best way to get through a winter is to stock up on provisions and supplies ahead of time. If there is an emergency or natural disaster, it can make Texas winters even harder.

That’s why it’s a good idea to gear up with the essentials. Here are some things you should have at home to keep you family safe and well looked after this winter.

• A generator and plenty of fool. If your electricity goes out for a few days, you could be in real trouble. A good generator and enough fuel to run it for at least a week should be at the top of your prepping list.
• Firewood. If you rely on a furnace, and it breaks down, what do you do? If you have a wood-burning stove or fireplace, that helps a lot. Just make sure you have plenty of wood to burn.
• Firearms and ammo. You need to protect yourself from conspiring men, but you also want to take advantage of hunting wild game. Just make sure you follow the law and keep your guns locked away safely.
• Food storage. Experts recommend at least three months of food storage. that way, if you are stranded or cut off from civilization, stores, etc. you can make it through until things return to normal.
• A good first aid kit. We recommend the first aid kit from Melaleuca. It is full of useful Melaleuca products like bandages, ointment, and melaleuca oil.
• Satellite radios. If a storm or some other natural event knocks out communications, including the cell phone towers and landlines, this may be your only way to reach the outside world for help and news.