Should I use an AR 15 for home defense?

Texas has a particular reputation when it comes to independence and security.  I suppose you could say it’s in our blood.  Remember the Alamo? This sense of independence and security is particularly strong with Texas veterans and Texas Rangers.  They want to defend their country, their state, and their families. And the vast majority are fierce defenders of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

One of the common questions asked by veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces is: Should I use an AR 15 for home defense? It’s a natural question for vets because all veterans are familiar with the AR15 because it is the civilian version of the M16. Yet, when they’re trained on the M16, they train for the battlefield not for home defense.  Yet, in 2020, AR 15s are flying off gun store shelves as if TEOTWAWKI is just around the corner. And perhaps it is. . .

Good luck finding an AR 15

The only thing harder to find in a gun store than an AR 15 is ammo for an AR 15.  Good luck with that.  I was at one gun store in August, and the owner said the soonest he could get a shipment of 5.56 ammo was 2021.

So, considering how difficult it is to come by an AR 15 AND ammo for an AR 15, you may want to reconsider settling on it for your go-to weapon for home defense. That is, of course, unless you’re one of the lucky ones who already has an AR 15 and a supply of ammo.

AR 15 ammo is good for bartering

By the way, a supply of 5.56 ammo can also be handy for bartering. Just sayin’.

By far the most popular and most effective home defense weapon is the shotgun.  They’re easy to use, don’t require perfect aim, inflict maximum damage, and ammo is readily available.  Also, if you have a pump-action shotgun, the intimidating sound of the “pump” can enough to scare away an intruder!

Really, any weapon is better than no weapon for home defense, and an AR 15 is certainly an awesome choice if you can get one.  But, if you can’t, no worries. Go Elmer Fudd style and purchase a shotgun, and keep checking back at the gun store for when an AR 15 does show up.  And while you’re waiting for an AR 15, if you notice the store has a supply of 5.56 ammo, go ahead and buy some it.  It’s hard to catch both an AR15 and 5.56 ammo at the store at the same time.  You’ll likely need to purchase one and then wait to purchase the other.