Facial Recognition Technology Reunites Parents with Child
Facial Recognition Technology Reunites Parents with Child

This morning, I read a news article about how facial recognition technology helped some parents in China reunite with their long-lost son.  The heartwarming story certainly is great news for the parents of Mao Yin who was suddenly kidnapped in 1988 from a hotel lobby and later sold to a young couple in a neighboring province.

News organizations around the world celebrated the announcement with headlines like:

  • Facial recognition helps reunite kidnapped toddler with family after 32 years
  • Parents in China find son abducted outside hotel 32 years ago
  • Family is reunited after 32-year search
  • China: Tears as parents find abducted son after 32-year search

However, eerily absent from the headlines and lost amid the happy tears, is a darker, more sinister story that all freedom-loving patriots should note.  And that is the story of how incredibly effective the Chinese government’s facial recognition technology is AND that this young man’s image was in a government database to begin with, even though he had committed no known crimes.

Once the reunion celebrations simmer down, I hope responsible news organizations will look into this surveillance issue a bit more.  I want to to know if the United States Federal Government has the same level of facial-recognition technology.  I want to know how much surveilling they are already doing with that technology, with and/or without our consent.  I want to know if Americans are as concerned about this as me, because I am truly alarmed by what I’ve learned.

To be honest, it came as no surprise to me that China has a database of its citizens that includes biometric data.  The only thing that would come as a greater surprise would for me to learn that Chuck Norris really isn’t superhuman. What came as a bit of a surprise was the lack of reporting on that angle of the story, especially in today’s world where conversations abound regarding “tracking” of citizens to enforce quarantines and other lock-down measures.

Many of you are law enforcement heroes in blue, charged with protecting the law of the land.  We must also remember that we are citizens, too.  This means, we have the ability to help change or stop unsavory laws from taking hold.  Such an unsavory law worth watching out for, in my opinion, would be any legislation permitting the government to mandate citizens to participate in biometric data collection.  Don’t allow it! Don’t do it!