A Look at the Company Reviews on GlassDoor.com
A Look at the Company Reviews on GlassDoor.com

GlassDoor.com is an online site were current and former employees can review their employers and company CEOs. By allowing employees to post anonymous reviews, the web site provides a great deal of transparency into organizations and their management.

GlassDoor hasn’t been around very long (the company started in 2007 and began posting ratings and reviews on the site in 2008), but it already has amassed millions of online reviews. This enables prospective employees searching for jobs to get a look at the companies they may be interested in—a look they really can’t get anywhere else. It also allows customers, clients, and other shareholders to see what company employees honestly have to say about the places they work and the bosses they report to.

Employees can state their job title and status, how long they have been with their respective, and the pros and cons of where they work.

There are thousands of companies and their CEOs profiled on GlassDoor.com. They range from smaller outfits to worldwide organizations. Here are three examples of the types of company and CEO reviews you can expect to see on GlassDoor.com:

• Everyone knows who Walmart is; however, it’s interesting to see what its employees have to say about working there. The company and its CEO currently have a 65% approval rating on the GlassDoor review site. There are over 20,000 Walmart reviews on the site. One full-time employee who has worked there less than a year says, “Understaffing issues negatively affects all parts of their business. However, Walmart has increased their minimum hourly rate with hopes to attract more committed employees, and retain better employees.” Their advice to management: “At the store level, any time you are called in to over ride an associate following company policy, make sure that you first make it clear to the associate and customer that they were doing their job and that you are making an exception.”

• Melaleuca is a company based in Idaho Falls, Idaho that sells a wide variety of consumer goods. Jobs range from sales to manufacturing to IT. The Melaleuca reviews on GlassDoor are largely positive, as the company and its CEO, Frank VanderSloot, currently have an approval rating of 82%. One employer stated, “I’m able to be a stay at home mom and work around that schedule. Plus I’m able to live a healthier life.”

• Plain Dealer Publishing, based in Cleveland, Ohio, published the Cleveland Plain Dealer daily newspaper. The company and its CEO are rated at 63%. A former call center employee said the pros of working at the Plain Dealer were: “Provided great pay and benefits.” The cons: “As the industry changed, the company and people went in a downward spiral. A good thing had to come to an end. The good old times will be truly missed.” It’s a much smaller organization than Walmart, so GlassDoor only has 33 Plain Dealer reviews.

There are some disgruntled employees who get onto GlassDoor to rant, rave, and sling mud. On the flip side, some reviews seem to glowing. However, the typical review contains an honest assessment of the company being examined with genuine suggestions about how the organization can be improved. As such, GlassDoor is one of the more reliable sites when trying to determine how a company is viewed internally by its workforce.