Will Texas secede from the union?
Will Texas secede from the union?

With all the political scuttle-buttle happening in the United States, there’s a rising movement among conservative Texans for Texas to secede from the union. And while the notion of the Lone Star State going at it alone isn’t a new topic, (it comes around every election cycle from disgruntled losers), the call for independence to be picking up some steam.

The idea of doing things their own way is inherent to the culture in Texas. After all, it’s called the “lone” star state, isn’t it? Texans have an identity that’s unique among states. There’s a sense of state pride that most states would envy. For example, have you ever met someone from Nevada who has state “pride” for Nevada? Didn’t think so.

Remember the Alamo, Everything’s bigger in Texas, Deep in the Heart of Texas, and other catchphrases are deeply ingrained in the identity of Texas, bringing a sense of pride similar to what you might find in pride for one’s nation, only this is an example of people showing pride in their state. Furthermore, the Texas flag is one of the most identifiable banners of any state. Sporting on red bar, one white bar, and a big white star on a blue field, it’s as if Texas is saying, “Look at us, America, we can be our own little America, if we want to.”

Add to that the sheer size of Texas, the fact that it shares an international border, and it has direct access to shipping ports, it’s as if Texas were intended to be a nation of its own. Oh, and did I mention it has a massive oil industry, ag industry, and tech industry? Well, it does.¬† Heck, the state even has the Texas Rangers! These are all things that would bode well if Texas decided to go rogue and become its own nation.

So, will Texas pull the trigger and secede from the union? Who knows. But, many are talking about it, and it’s a conversation I think worth following.

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