Do you have what it takes to be a Texas Ranger?
Do you have what it takes to be a Texas Ranger?

This morning I read an insightful article that talked about what it takes to be a Texas Ranger. As a law-enforcement-minded, Lone Star State-loving patriot, I decided this would be an interesting article to read in light of the day’s other news. Frankly speaking, I’m getting a little tired of the political pandering, saber-rattling, and other drama. A story about the Texas Rangers was just what I needed to read.

Presently, there are only 172 Rangers that have been authorized by the state of Texas. They have to be selected from a challenging process. Before you can even be considered for selection as a Texas Ranger, you have to first have served a minimum of eight years in Texas law enforcement. The elite group of law enforcement professionals has been around for 200 years, and is in no hurry to tarnish their reputation by unskilled, unproven rookies. The Texas Rangers are so well known, they have become national, and in fact a global pop culture phenomenon. Some of the cardinal attributes required of a Texas Ranger are:

  • -Honesty
  • -Superb Work Ethic
  • -Willingness to excel
  • -Desire to serve the people
  • -Committed to maintaining the reputation of the Rangers

And just because you get into the Texas Rangers, doesn’t mean the hard work stops. Being a Texas Ranger is anything from and 8-to-5 job, Monday through Friday. When a Ranger is assigned to an investigation, the Ranger is expected to stick with that investigation until it is resolved. And if this requires multiple weekends, then so be it.

It’s all about serving your community, fellow-man, and the citizens of Texas.

Rangers are the Swiss Army Knife of Texas law enforcement. At every crime scene, there are multiple jobs that need to be fulfilled. Rangers are trained and equipped to fill every one of those assignments.

Whether it’s hunting for fugitives or helping with hostage negotiation, there are so many things that Texas Rangers do.

To learn more about what it takes to become a Texas Ranger, check out the Fox News article I read this morning.



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